Big Data


The era of Big Data is here. We all recognize the tremendous value of the data generated by systems, operations, employees, partners, and customers. The goal is to manage, understand and act on business relevant information in a timely fashion to create value differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace. But what does this mean for today’s enterprise for both Line of Business and IT executives? How should they act on it? Our services help you with the answers.

Kompsoft brings a variety of engagement models to your table in support of your Big Data needs in the form of Managed Services, Custom Projects or T&M Consultants.

  • Hadoop Administration: Installation, configuration, optimization and customization of big data platform.
  • Hadoop Development: Streamline the process of developing big data applications.
  • Hadoop-based Analytics: Store any data type in the low-cost, scalable Hadoop engine to lower the cost of processing and analyzing massive volumes of data.
  • Performance Tuning: Specialize in query optimization, dataset bottlenecks, a variety of data formats, integration and aggregation of data formats and reporting.
  • Quality Assurance: Overall functional, integration and performance testing for very large data sets and associated reports.
  • Data Warehousing: Store and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured information with workload optimized systems designed for deep & operational analytics.
  • ETL: Streamline data and workflow integration across enterprise transactional systems ( e.g. CRM, ERP, Portal, Social Media) through open API, webservices and standard ETL tools.
  • Visualization and Discovery: Using reporting and analytical tools to discover, understand, search, and navigate sources of big data while leaving that data in place.
  • High-end Consulting Resources: Qualified to advise and staff your project teams.